Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wake Up McCain, or Obama Is Going to Defeat You

Gone are the days of gentlemen politics and chivalry. The stakes are too high and the adversaries play by their own rules about which McCain and most decent Americans know nothing. Obama’s people are blind siding America. The signs are every where.

Obama, a presidential candidate is the defendant in a law suit filed against him in Philadelphia on August 21, 2008 and is interviewed by Hannity & Colms last week, and interviewed Saturday on Fox news net work and not one question is asked of him by his interviewers about the law suit.

Obama is named in a national petition to remove him as Senator of Illinois on the basis of unethical and criminal activities and no one ever mentions that in any of his TV appearances or interviews.

Very little is ever mentioned of the collection of nefarious characters Husein Obama has been related and connected to, inspired and mentored by, jointly raised money with, worked on the same projects and supported. It is a list of whose who of the dark side. Frank Marshal Davis, Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorhn, Tony Rezko, Blackwell, Father Feghler, Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Khalid Adullah Tariq (aka Donald Warden),Raila Odinga (cousin) Obongo Obama (brother), Ahmed Yousef (Hamas) are just a few among a very long list. It is too long a list and the characters too similar. In Obama’s short time on this planet, it is no coincidence all these names are closely associated with him. These people are net work and foundation to the Obamas’ fundamental belief system. They are and have been his support group.

Whether or not Palin was for the “bridge to no where” before she was against it and lipstick have been the issues that literally millions and millions of dollars worth of coveted media broadcasting have been wasted. Is this one more method of censorship and controlling the of the press? Is the media flim flamming America? If the major media leaders fail to make issues of Obama’s crimes, lies, and denials but makes issues over some of the minor mistakes of Palin or McCain, I have to acknowledge that the media is being manipulated! The media is manipulating the public. We the public are being denied the facts about Obama we are entitled to know.

One of the most deviant characters to ever run for president has a long provable track record of criminal, unethical, and extremely suspicious friends and activities, and neither Republicans nor the media even mention it, let alone investigate. All of this information is known to media, the McCain camp, and any body seriously following this campaign. Why isn’t McCain campaign using some of the above information in their ads. The whopper—the law suit against Obama possibly not being eligible to be president due to the question of his citizenship should be blasted every where. Why isn’t it?

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richard said...

Maybe the reason why they are not asking about the "white elephant" in the room is because they are keeping their powder dry. Rest assured, before this Bozo gets elected, he is going to be outed - but on a timetabled destined to not only cost him the presidency, but the democrats the house and senate.