Friday, September 5, 2008

Suffer under Obama’s Change or blossom under McCain’s the Same?

Change. Change the magical word in the 2008 election campaign. Change an idea American voters all agree is necessary after the last eight years of American decline in economy and increase in complex problems representing all types of issues. What kind of change can we expect? Change can either be for the better or the worse. This is precisely the choice Americans will be making this twenty first century historic election. If the wrong choice is made, there will be no turning back. It will be a price Americans will pay bitterly the rest of their and their future generation’s lives.

Nothing comes of nettles but nettles. Nothing comes of corn but corn. Therefore one cannot plant nettles and expect corn to grow. No more than one can plant corn and expect nettles to grow. The fruit that comes forward can only be the result of the seed that is planted. So any good gardener knows very well to carefully choose the type and quality of the seeds he is going to plant in the garden. Soon America will be choosing the kind of crop is wishes to bring forward.

In two months American voters will be making a choice as to what kind of change it will experience hence forward. The choice is between John McCain and Barack Obama. Both will bring change. Each will bring a different kind of change. John McCain will not “bring more of the same”—as Obama and his paid henchmen like to say. Because the future quality of American life ultimately depends upon the kind of change America will experience as a result of its choice, there is no aspect about either of these men that can be over looked, ignored, diminished, rejected, or refused to be scrutinized in their back grounds, character and their spouses. The men they have been are the men they will be. The sum total of their belief systems and life experience is the knowledge they will be using when making presidential decisions that affect you and me.

Obama is a man without sufficient experience, who has a long track record of dealing with known criminals, is shrouded in mystery about his birth, may not be an American citizen, has repeatedly lied, hidden, and diminished information about his associations and background. He is a man of nettles. Since the beginning of his campaign, Obama has practiced lies, hypocrisy, convolution of truth, manipulation of the media, wasting of millions of dollars with the Annenberg project, and has a very controversial and suspicious wife. These actions are nettles. Barack Hussein Obama, like all Pied Pipers, seduces people suffering from lives of quiet desperation longing for a few seconds of feeling alive with glorious words of undeliverable promises of utopian change. All he will ever deliver is nettles. Nothing comes of nettles but nettles.

John McCain, as imperfect as he is, has a long track record of integrity, loyalty to his country, and goodness. There is no suspicion about his loyalty to country or the company he has kept. There is no mystery about his birth, his religion or his wife. He didn’t have to get into bed with a convicted criminal to buy his seven houses. John McCain is simply a “what you see is what you get”. There is no hypocrisy. McCain’s workers do not have to continually fight facts about his past record by saying the other people are lying. It isn’t necessary to have a “fight the smears web site” for McCain. John McCain is the seed of the corn I would plant. I know the only fruit that will come forward is corn. It will nourish the world.

Obama’s battle cry is that John McCain is more of the same (meaning Bush). It doesn’t take a Steven Hawking to know that is a lie. John McCain is not more of the same. Never the less, it is the Obama campaign mantra. Any one knows it is an old political trick to keep repeating the same lie enough times, people will start believing it. Well I have a new slogan:

John McCain is not more of the same but if he were, I would rather have more of John McCain’s “same” than suffer Obama’s “Change!” At least John McCain will do no harm! Only nettles will Obama produce.

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