Monday, September 29, 2008

So What !

So what If Barry Sotoero may not be eligible to be president and he persists in refraining to disclose his birth documents. So what Hussein Obama was closely tied with Tony Rezko, or the Hamas, Muslims, and other terrorists around the world contribute to his campaign. So what if BO worked closely with Ayers raising money to give to radical education. So what if Barack knows nothing about economy and has squandered millions on his own campaign. So what if Obama publicly supports his cousin Raille Odinga against the Kenyan government. So what if Obama committed treason when he was in Iraq asking to stall the troop recall.
The White House is still going to role out the red carpet for him and include a criminal to participate in major decision making that affects all Americans. That is what is so!

The families’ of the BTK victims should invite the BTK killer to Sunday dinner. So what if he killed their daughters!

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Anonymous said...

So what, you're clearly as smart as Bush and Palin.