Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cheap Words, Cheap Talk

What does “smear” mean as it is used in this campaign. Is the word “smear” a description of a lie about a person with intent to demean him/her in some way or it is a true fact with the intention to demean a person? Even if a statement of fact is negative is it a smear? In my opinion if statement is a lie, then it is a “smear”. If it is not a lie, but a statement of fact that might be relevant about a person. Then it is not a “smear”.

Voters need to collect as much information as they can about the candidates. They have a tough job separating fact from fiction, “smear” from relevance, and exaggeration from reality. The information flooding all media is greater than the Amazon River. What is so and what isn’t? What is so what?

First Palin was pro bridge. Then Palin changed her mind on the “bridge to no where.” She updated her information and made the right decision. Then she took credit for it in her acceptance speech. So What? Who or what harm was in that? She doesn’t lose any credibility for that. So Palin may have abused her power to attempt terminate her brother in law who was abusive to her sister. So What. She was merely protecting her family.

In her short 44 years on this planet she has blazed a trail of success while raising her children and enjoying a successful marriage. Palin is exactly what you see. A very capable Christian family woman in politics who is honest and sincere. Palin loves America and believes in spite of its faults it is still the greatest country in the world.

The only things Obama’s camp can use against her are cheap words and cheap talk to make minor issues into major focus is all that is. Another words, they are grasping at straws.

Obama is deeply rooted in the Muslim Faith. There is abundance evidence that proves that. He out right denies it. His “community organizing” is riddled with scandal and failure. Many people were hurt. He denies that. He was involved with Tony Rezko and $14,000,000 grant for public housing that failed. He denies that. Lot’s of people got hurt. Then there is the Bill Ayers involvement and the $150,000,000 they raised for better education that failed and no accounting of the money. Then there is the Blackwell scandal. Then there is the Reverend Wright scandal. Then there is the offending the government on Kenya by Obama for supporting his cousin Raille Odinga.

In the short 47 years Obama has been on this planet it seems he has spent a whole lot of time with the wrong people doing the wrong things. He has left behind him a glaring record of doubt and suspicion about who and what he is. That is what is so. It is not so what because this reveals a track record of activities and associations that could harm every American. Obama is not what you see. His time has been spent with dangerous people plotting dangerous activities.

Finally, Obama rants and raves America is bad and wrong. It must be changed from the bottom up. People have suffered too long. “He is change.” He and only he will change Washington and America. Just what kind of change will Obama bring? Stalin, Hitler, Edi Amin, Castro, were all great orators of change. The people were spell bound by them. Look what kind of change they got.

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