Monday, September 8, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin

As a woman who was abandoned in a strange city pregnant and penniless at the age of seventeen, I had to struggle to succeed --at times--in a very hostile towards women world. It made me strong and often fearless. I know had I not become that way, I might not have survived.

There are plenty of issues in which I disagree with Sarah Palin. There are just as many issues I do agree with her. I am a pro choice women’s rights advocate. I supported Hillary. Never the less there is every thing about Sarah Palin I respect. She is consistent with her own convictions. Basically her ideology and philosophy is consistent with the majority of Americans. Yes, there are some differences, I know. I cannot ignore Governor Palin’s obvious shining qualities. She has the qualities that make every woman proud to know her. She exudes honesty. She is competent. She has the courage of her convictions. She is highly intelligent. She loves family and country. These are the qualities of a good leader.

Governor Palin, like all human beings is not perfect. I know that. She has made mistakes. She like all humans, can learn from her mistakes and do better. If McCain becomes president and Palin vice president, I feel comfortable that Palin would make a very good president— if anything should happen to John McCain. More important, I feel comfortable she never has nor ever will get in bed with the enemy. I feel comfortable she will protect the America’s budget as if it were her own household. I am certain she will expose and disclose political corruption when it confronts her. I feel good she is not afraid to stand up to the America’s enemies and back them down if necessary. Even though I disagree with Governor Palin on many issues, I respect her character 100%.
It is not surprising the males of the press bashed her the way they did. Governor Palin’s polished presentation of her fearless acceptance speech was enough to make any coward—female or male cringe with fear. The first to recognize a formidable foe are the invisible, sneaking cowards’ of the world beginning with the male gender. What was more shocking to me was number of women who up until Governor Palin’s introduction to the world I had admired who shamelessly attempted to demean Governor Palin. Do they, too, feel threatened by this brave and confident lady?

Okay, disagree with her on many of her beliefs. I do. Challenge her on issues of vital concern to women’s rights. I do. In the heat of conflict sheds the light of truth. Truth leads us to a better world for all. That is what we all want regardless of what side of the fence we stand. Don’t grasp at lies, convolution of facts, and toxic gossip to destroy her because it will fail to do so and boomerang on liar. The false and hateful attacks upon Governor Palin are merely a revelation of the fear her adversaries have of her. They are symptoms of their weakness against Governor Palin’s honesty. What these lethal people fear the most is not Sarah Palin’s dishonesty but her credibility and honesty. They cannot control an honest person.

Though I was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter, I no longer will support her. It was a painful realization that Hillary is not the woman I thought she was. She sold out to Obama. She sold her soul. When she did that, she sold her principles and integrity with it. Senator Clinton sold the wonderful and loyal voters out along with herself. Though I had agreed with her more than I ever will agree with Sarah Palin, I have lost respect for Hillary, the woman.

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