Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin Walks the Walk

Sarah Palin walks the walk

It is not the situation that makes or breaks a person but his/her reaction to it.

The reality is Mrs. Palin’s daughter is none of the public’s business. It has nothing to do with her job performance. Obama’s people have been so severely weakened by the McCain/Palin ticket; they have to grasp at any straw in pitiful hopes of demeaning a great and good person.

“What of the cripple who hates the dancer?”

Those idiots who attempt to discredit Mrs. Palin because she is pro life but hunts moose, do not know the difference between human and animal. They are extremely confused regarding their own personal values and priorities! They continually reveal to the world their own toxic soul.

In the usual compassionate and dignified way that defines the greatness of Sarah Palin and her family, Mrs. Palin is acting in the highest and best way towards her daughter who happens to be pregnant. She is lovingly embracing and supporting her daughter through her rite of passage. How many young daughters now and in the past hundred years would have loved to have a mother as wonderful as Sarah Palin? These poor girls were humiliated, abused, rejected, and even murdered for the mere fact of being human and for however it happened-- becoming pregnant—not a crime, but a design of nature.

There is no doubt in my heart that Sarah Palin walks the walk and talks the talk. She lives and acts according to her sacred principles. She is in total harmony with her personal convictions and her actions. There is nothing but beauty, growth, blessings, and harmony that will benefit anything, any one touched by Sarah Palin. I am a pro choice woman who can respect others with different convictions than my own. I always admire those who live their principles. There is no hypocrisy in Sarah Palin. Consequently she has the power of credibility. Only good for all Americans if, God forbid, something should happen to Senator McCain, should he become president and Vice President Sarah Palin were to have to step into his place. Only good come forward for the whole planet if McCain and Palin win this election.

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