Friday, September 19, 2008

Is There Nothing Sacred in America to Obama

What if a criminal profiler were given a file on the life and deeds of Barack Obama without knowing it was Barack Obama? How would Barack Hussein Obama’s character stack up in the eyes of a criminal profiler? Would the criminal profiler examine Obama’s child hood, the people who may have influenced his core beliefs, his education, his friends and associations, and his activities to get a composite picture? Would the sum total of that information lead the profiler to conclude the subject of his study is a beacon of light to lead America? Would a profiler conclude the subject of his study is definitely a dangerous criminal. I think he would conclude this is a demented soul decaying in a cess pool?

Let me see. There’s the right way, the wrong way and Obama’s way.
Obama’s modus operandi is gradually becoming very clear through a repeat patterns in his life. Simply stated it goes like this:
Obama recklessly breaks any laws or rules he deems irrelevant to his purpose at the time. If his holiness is caught and is asked to be accountable for said actions he counter attacks, denies, lies, intimidates, bribes, shuts up his questioners or sloughs off his misdeeds with inane explanations. Then he continues doing as he pleases. However, if he catches any one committing even a tiny infraction of the rules he seizes the opportunity for his own benefit and he relentlessly will nail him/her to the cross.

Thugs, terrorists, gangsters and unscrupulous characters from everywhere on the planet have infiltrated American politics in one form and another. They are all connected to each other through Barack Hussein Obama. These malevolent people are hiding in plain site. They have disguised them selves as altruistic community organizers, Christians, supporters, American patriots, contributors with large sums of money and friends. Most of them remain invisible as they manipulate the media, business people, and fraudulently register voters in all the states. They are lawless and dangerous. They have a track record to prove it. This is a matter of moral turpitude.

Since I don’t have a particular name for them I shall refer to them as Obama’s shadow thugs. They are involved in a sinister plot to steal America by getting control of government. If Obama should be elected, it is the shadow thugs who will control America. Obama will be the least of our problems.

Obama is just the front man and proof they exist. Obama is their creation. He is their puppet. Obama’s shadow thugs are highly experienced, extremely intelligent, enjoy fantastic wealth, and are totally ruthless. These power seekers will do anything, any time to any one to obtain their goals. They do not care who is used or hurt in the process. The proof of Obama’s shadow thugs and the silent but deadly work they do is that main stream media has not only favored Obama, but has covered up Obama crimes that should have made head lines bigger than O.J. Simpson!

If any reader thinks I am in the twilight zone when I talk about this then perhaps the reader could tell me why Obama is not only not in jail for the crimes he has committed against America but no TV interviewer ever has had the guts to confront his holiness about any of Obama’s long dirty laundry list. If actions speak louder than words, then what do Obama actions tell you? What do the actions of the thugs surrounding Obama tell you? These actions define a distinct pattern and reveal a sociopath. What does the actions MSM tell you? MSM is a coconspirator in betraying the American public.
Is there nothing sacred in America to Obama?

What public trust, state law, constitutional law, or ethic hasn’t he violated?

Let’s see,

2. Obama has repeatedly tampered with America’s precious votes in several states via Acorn.
(Acorn is a communist group that practices voter fraud by falsely registering voters or preventing opposing voters from voting is Obama’s claim to fame as a “community organizer.”

3. He sabotaged at least two political careers we know of for his own political gain -- Hillary Clinton and Alice Palmer. He stole delegate votes from Hillary. He had Alice Palmers nomination petition nullified along with two other nominee. Consequently he won unchallenged.

4. He literally gives the bird to producing documentation to prove if he truly is a naturalized citizen and eligible to president. Documentation on Obama’s citizenship. Is he eligible to be president under the Constitution. Philip Berg’s law suit

5. He doesn’t believe in free speech unless he freely “speaking”. He has his shadow thugs intimidate those people who write, talk, or publish information he is attempting to hide or threatens his chances for election.

6. He doesn’t salute the flag, replaces the flag on his plane with his ugly Muslim symbol, and throws thousands of American flags in the in the trash in Colorado.

7. He has ripped off millions in grants to benefit criminals like Tony Rezko, Blackwell, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Railla Odinga, Acorn and who knows where else? Bill Ayers, Annenberg $150,000,000. Tony Rezko, $14,000,000.

8.Obama violates the Logan Act not once but twice! He had had no business supporting his Muslim cousin against the Kenyan government. (,

8. I know there are lots of master word manipulators of the truth who are going to argue he didn’t actually do that he merely did “blah, blah, blah. . .” No matter what defense Obama’s camp gives and how they dice words--he said this word in stead of that one-- it still doesn’t alter the fact in any way Obama was in Iraq where he shouldn’t have been. He was saying things he shouldn’t have been saying without the authority of the Untied States government. He was doing so at a time a grave danger to our beloved troops. It sure looks like he was trying to manipulate the Iraqi government for his behalf regardless is the words were exactly this or that! NO matter what is said in his defense, in my eyes is a traitor and he should be tried for treason.
There is no excuse for this!

Obama has committed treason against the United States of America for his political gain at the possible price of the very lives of American troops. Ruthless doesn’t even begin to describe the evil in this guy! How much worse can it get. Yet he is running around campaigning to become the President of the United States! Where are the headlines on MSM? The only big headlines we saw last week were whether or not Obama was referring to Governor Palin with his lip stick on the pig comment. No one is making Barack Hussein Obama accountable for his crime of treason, breach of fiduciary duty to his constituents, conspiracy to alter an election and Treason against America. If this isn’t proof of the existence of Obama’s shadow thugs and their conspiracy to steal America, then please tell me what it is. If moral turpitude is no longer an issue to Democratic voters, then let’s put Rodney King in charge of America’s criminal defense and O.J. Simpson on the United States Supreme Court.

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