Saturday, September 13, 2008

Democrats, Don’t Vote America into Communism

Listen up America! America was founded on the concept of freedom, capitalism is moral, and free enterprise is for everybody. Sadly, due to inferior education, some Democrats wouldn’t recognize concepts of socialism or communism is they stepped into it, which they have. It is right before your eyes and ears if only you had the knowledge to hear it.

I know Democrats want a better economy than the one we experienced the last three years—not the last eight years as Obama likes to chant. I know Democrats want a free America and the right to free choice for all. I know what great and wonderful people Democrats are. I also know that in their frustration and desire for improvement on all these issues they have been mesmerized into thinking Obama is the one with the right ideas for America. I was a Democrat all my life as were two generations of my family before me until Obama was nominated. I supported Hillary. Obama is an out and out communist who will destroy every thing that has made America great. Listen to his words. He laughing at you in front of your face he thinks you are so dumb. Listen and you will hear nothing but the principles of communism spew from his mouth. His latest campaign ad of “change” says it all

Listen to every word Barack says about taxes, free enterprise, and capitalism and you will hear the verbatim words of communism. Wake up America before it is too late. Obama wants to tell you how much money you are allowed before he will take it away to give to others he deems need your money. He wants to control free enterprise and big company profits. If that’s not communism then I had better go back to school.

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