Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin & Biden Debates

We should all encourage people to go from our blogs (e.g., one of mine is htt// and another is: to go to the debate hub, watch the debate, and participate in an online discussion.

We hope a lot of people will sign up to "wear Sarah's colors," the "God and Guns" shirts that are now on sale. It's all part of the Vote Bitter Project, designed to enhance John's and Sarah's chances of winning on Nov. 4. The situation with voters is very fluid right now, and your support is critical.

If you want to get and wear the Sarah colors, you can do so at my web sites mentioned above, such as: In my case, every nickel I generate will go into the campaign.

Also please note: we'll have a new payment option up soon where we can process the purchases without Google. Many have reported problems with Google's system, however I have two gentlemen personally contacting each and everyone who starts an order.

Let's get pumped!

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Campaign Victory
Hillary Supporters 4 McCain

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