Sunday, October 5, 2008

I watched the Palin/Biden Debates

I watched the debates. I thought Biden did very well. However, Governor Palin shined. She was fantastic. She came across with enthusiasm, brilliance, and passion.

There is still a hard struggle ahead between McCain and Obama to determine who will win the election. I believe that ultimately McCain will legally win this election. However, given Obama's track record with Acorn and Chicago type politics I truly believe his camp is right now setting up the election to steal the vote from McCain. I truly believe with all the fraudulent voter registration Acorn is participating in by the bus loads from state to state, Obama will steal the election. For God's sake, they a registering homeless people and having them vote the same day.

The worst part of it all is there isn't a government protection agency that gives a rat's tail about it. We are now a country of lawlessness ruled by thugs. The winning of the most important historical election of the 21 century will be determined not by the people but amount of money spent by gangsters and terrorist buying whatever it takes to steal the position of the United States President.

While our troops are on foreign soil imagining they are fighting for freedom and democracy, America is experiencing one of the most violent bloody battles upon its own soil pitifully trying hold on to the last threads of freedom and democracy. Our troops will be returning home to an America that no longer exists if Obama gets to steal this election. By the looks of this corrupt judicial system, it looks like he will.


Not Succumbing to the Hype said...

What debate were you watching? I am so confused as to how somehow could shine in a debate just based on HOW they spoke. If I can recall a debate is supposed to be about the substance of what is being said and not HOW someone says something. Take a step back and really think about the competence of Sarah Palin. Listen to what she says not HOW she says it.

Anonymous said...

Would you rather trust your family to a man who is on a mission to turn America into a MUSLIM TERRORIST nation? Wake up dude, HUSSEIN!! OBAMA is out to destroy America....first by declaring a Holy War within our borders! His REAL AGENDA is slowly being revealed ! WAKE UP AMERICA - THIS MAN IS OUT TO DESTROY US!

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously believe that homeless people should be barred from voting? You think that only people that own property should be allowed to vote? ALL AMERICANS, including the homeless, HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE.