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Cowabunga to Issues: Character is the Only Criteria

The Obama supporters keep harping this election about issues and not character. Therefore voters shouldn’t look at what a candidate has done in his past. Wrong! That is simply their technique to deceive the voter.

The one and only one criterion is the character of the man/woman who will be the President of the United States. The character of the president is not only the real criteria of a presidential campaign but is the only criteria. Be not distracted from the real heart of the matter. I don’t give a rat’s tail about the issues or the promises of campaigning politicians. Every one knows all politicians promise voters silk purses but give them sow’s ears. Issues are merely red herrings that are used in every campaign to distract the voter from the true heart of the matter. The issues of any campaign are just so much fictional cowabunga! They are not necessarily so.

The economic crisis, which is hovering over the voters and the planet, can not be solved by either McCain or Obama. It takes the whole planet with millions of experts in all areas to diminish the problems. No matter how much Obama gold plates his stupid, Communistic economic “plans” and presents them to the crowds on a silver platter, it’s still cowabunga.

This is not the first time the economic world has painted itself into a corner and recovered. Nor will it be the last time. So, voters, don’t be intimidated by Obama’s “sky has fallen down the world is ending” speeches. Obama is going to save you with his financial genius. Ha Ha Ha! He wants you to think these issues can not be resolved without him. As long as he can persuade people to believe today’s economic problems is Republican’s Bushes creation, he hopes voters will blindly vote for him. The reality is the problem began long before Bush took office. Ha!

Frankly, as a 30 year realtor, I can assure you Odumbo hasn’t come up with one original idea. I offered a far better economic solving plan nearly two years ago to help America recover financially.

Foreign wars, national security, health care, education, etc. are results of millions of factors involving millions of departments, people, and combinations of moving parts that can not, never have, and never will be resolved by one person serving in office four to maybe eight years. So, cowabunga on those issues, too. These, too, will be resolved in due time. The public knows this. The voters know this, and the candidates know it.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this election. Who is that man applying for the job to serve you? The very essence of the character and the sum total of his thoughts and experience are what will be making life and death choices on behalf of Americans. It is the sum totals of the man in national and international crisis situations who will be making decisions that affect the lives of people on the entire planet. The president of the United States is first a human being—not an issue. Therefore, voters first priority is collecting information about the human being so as to make the right choice. The voters must take a hard look at the character of the person applying for the most important job on the planet. For when push comes to shove all that will be left is the character—be it good or bad that will decide. Character is every voters first priority.

When the number one man is confronted with “issues” that affect lives, policies, foreign aid, and the abundance of vital choices I want the peace of mind to know such a man will make these choices based upon the sum total of his experience, philosophy, and good character. I don’t want to live in fear the commander and chief of our country if lying, misrepresenting, committing treason, flushing our money into cesspools of radical education of children, supporting the political careers of radical relatives in other countries or diminishing the safety of America with terrorist, or giving internal secrets to the enemy. Peace of mind is what character means to me.

When a candidate’s life time friends and associations, actions, speeches, spirituality, his religion are questionable. When he must redesign his campaign symbol to be understood by other than Americans, and how he runs his campaigns prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt the candidate is dishonest, dangerous, and doesn’t have America’s best interest at heart, I can not in good conscious vote for him. I also have to wonder about the political leaders in the Democratic Party who seem to either simply ignore these very blatant facts about Obama or are oblivious to them.

Sometimes clichés say it best:

Like attracts like.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Show me who your friends are, and I will show you who you are.
Give me a child until he is 12 and he will be mine forever.
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it is a duck.
If you sleep with dogs, you will wake up with fleas.
If the shoe fits, wear it.

There is no way in my heart of hearts I can accept a man
who in his just 47 years on the planet manages all the following. .

Obama promises silk purses and delivers sows ears. He uses issues as red herrings to keep voters focused off himself. The following was borrowed from “don’” website:

“Great speeches mask lack of substance or maybe something even worse. There is no doubt that Barack has a knack for delivering inspirational speeches. Unfortunately, lured by his charisma and scripted speeches many Americans have boarded his bandwagon. However, voters should question his “change, yes we can” line. What changes? Will they be helpful or harmful? What will they cost? Or is it just a cover for liberal/socialistic programs out of yesterday’s playbook that Republicans have pretty much blocked in recent years? It’s scary how a major party Presidential candidate, with little experience and with a history of voting “present” to avoid having a controversial record, can just appear out of nowhere as a frontrunner. It’s time Americans ask who this man is and who. . .”

Check out the following Obama cowabunga list

These characters in Obama’s are life no accident. They are mirror of Obama

Frank Marshal Davis—his early age mentor; Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dorhn since prior to 1995 close friends to both Michele and Barack Obama; Tony Rezko assisted Obamas in purchase of their mansion, Rev. Wright inspired the name of his book Audacity of Hope, and who knows what else; Louis Farrakhan announce Obama as the Messiah, Rashid Khalidi, PLO operative paid for Obama’s education to Harvard; Ahmad Yousef head of that wonderful civic group called Hamas whose specialty is terrorism; Railla Odinga his cousin who agreed to make Muslims the religion of Kenya, (not to go into detail about the burning of Christians in their church), Frank Raines up to his eyeballs in the Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mack scandals;. . .And the nefarious list of character close to and/or financially supported and tied to Michele and Barack Obama—Nadhim Auchi, Father Pfleger, Kwame Kilpatrick, Rev. Meeks, Fidel, Raul Castro, George Soros, Obongo Obama, Saul Alinsky, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong, II, and so the list goes on and on and on and on.

Actions, Distortions, Convolutions, Denials, and Out right Lies

Check out that God awful campaign symbol of Obama. Does anybody think it truly represents America? Perhaps it represents something else that is recognized and meaningful to Muslims but not Americans?

Obama denies he was ever a Muslim and claims he converted to Christianity. How loyal is that to his first religion. It makes me suspect he only did so for political reasons? ? ?

“My Muslim faith.”

Every one heard him slip on television: “My Muslim faith. .” According to Muslim doctrine—Once Muslim always a Muslim. According to Obama, he can do whatever he pleases. At what time was Obama ever Baptized into Christianity? Why is he still so popular with Muslims today? Is it possible he is still a closet Muslim?

When a Muslim leaves Islam to Christianity, there would be a 100% fatwa (decree for him to be killed) issued against his life.
a) A Fatwa has never been issued on Obama. But the opposite is true, for the Muslim world is endorsing and supporting him. This includes Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement. Some may say that Obama has distanced himself from his radical minister and from Louis Farrakhan but my response is very simple, it is an act because he, his pastor , and Farrakhan, know if he does not say that. he will lose the vote of the rest of the country.

With Acorn’s actions, Obama Stole the delegate vote from Hilary Clinton. She had 18,000,000 votes. How ruthless of Obama to deny these voters and the Democratic Party her nomination. He threw Hillary under the bus the same way he eventually threw Rec. Wright under the bus. (So much for loyalty)

“Bill Ayers was just a guy in my neighborhood. I didn’t share idea with him. . .”

Community Organizer & Suspicious Organizations

Who is deeply rooted with Acorn—involved in voter fraud, lending intimidation, and who knows what else, Woods Foundation founded by Bill Ayers and supported radical education of children, Friends of Obama who donated millions to Railla Odinga for his campaign in Kenya, Black Panthers, and Hamas –terrorist against America

Was he also learning to community organize in the years he was attending Columbia?

Suspicion: his citizenship

Was Obama born in Hawaii or in Mombasa, Kenya?
What about that stupid forged birth certificate from Hawaii he produced?
Philip Berg filed law suit August 21, 2008 in Philadelphia Supreme Court against Obama.
Obama still refuses to produce the legal documents to prove he is eligible to be President.

Is Obama above the Law

Obama went to Kenya and politically spoke against the existing Kenyan government.
What about when Obama asked Iraqi leaders to stall the troop withdrawal until after he was elected? Was it a violation of the Logan Act? Was it treason? There are Veterans seem to think is was treason. Does Obama think he can go any where and do anything he pleases in spite of the laws of the country he visits or comes from?

What does Obama know about the murders of Donald Young, (12/23/2007)
and Bill Gwatney? Rumor has it Donald Young was Obama’s lover.

Maybe Larry Sinclair is a kook. He still has a lawsuit against Barrack Obama regarding sex and dope sharing in 1998.

Whenever Obama supporters are confronted with any of the above information they immediately do the following: attack—deny—demean—cry racism and counter point.

The cowabunga Obama supporters bring up are Palin’s Troopergate and McCain’s Keating incident. That’s just more Obama red herring. As if those two almost innocent incidents equalizes and diminishes all of Obama’s crimes and puts Obama in the same league as McCain and Palin?

There is a difference between an occasional mistake and a whole track record of repeated activities. There is a difference between good character and high morals and bad character and no morals. There is a difference between someone who steals a loaf of bread to feed his family with no harm to any one and a person who steals a Brinks truck and leaves a trail of bodies. There is a difference between a career person who has been lightly involved in a suspicious activity or rare scandal and person who has a long and deeply involved track record of criminal dealings. To attempt to mix the two as if they were equal is an attempt to convolute facts for malevolent purposes. The person who deliberately fails to make that distinction and convolutes facts for malevolent reasons has signaled a red flag he/she has a hidden agenda that will ultimately be harmful to any and all.

Personally, had some one done to my sister what Wooten did to Governor Palin, I would have done the same as she did. Wooten doesn’t deserve to hold a position of trust as a state trooper. While it could be argued it was still wrong, it the innocent wrong of protecting her family compared with a malevolent wrong of violating a Logan Act, or the felony wrong of voter fraud.

Anyone who investigates McCain’s Keating scandal will learn his was a minimum involvement that couldn’t come close to the wrong of Bill Ayers who blew up the capital.

The difference between the mistakes of McCain and Palin and Obama is the track record, the nature of the offense, and lack of any serious harm befalling America because of them. Obama hasn’t been involved with just one or two suspicious characters, lies, actions, scandals, and other atrocious acts and people. Barack Hussein Obama has been and is involved with hundreds of despicable, malicious, disrespectful actions against the United States for years. In his mere 47 years those are the only people and actions he has done besides run for president. And now he wants people to vote him into the most sacred, precious and highest position in the world. Cowabunga! He and his gang of thugs are despicable! Do not vote for Obozo!

Therese Daniels
Copyright, October, 10, 2008

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