Saturday, December 13, 2008


Why 66,000,000 Obama Votes Are Not the Will of People
One of the most common arguments presented by Obamabots why the people who are challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President should not do so is because 66,000,000 people voted for Obama. Therefore choice for Obama is the will of the people. Wrong, wrong, wrong and 66,000,000 votes wrong.
Only half of America voted. Only half of the half who voted, voted for whom they thought was Obama. That makes the number only 25% of the people who thought they voted for Obama. That is hardly the will of the people. The candidate for whom 66,000,000 people voted, was not the candidate they thought he was.
1. First of all Obama’s true legal name is Barry Sotoero. If Obama’s real name is Barry Sotoero, the people voted for Barack Hussein Obama and not Barry Sotoero. Barack Obama doesn’t exist except by his fictional creation.
2. If Obama knowing he failed to meet one of the three criteria to become president, then he is knowingly a false candidate. False means not real. Not real means fiction. The people voted for a fictional candidate and not a bonafide qualified real candidate. They voted for a fictional character.
3. If Obama was “change you could believe in”, then the people voted for their belief in change not to get short changed.
4. If Obama is MSM favorite and MSM suppressed vital information necessary for the public choice and reported only favorable information about Obama, then the people voted for Obama media hype, not the favorite.
5. If Obama is a flim/flam man, the people voted for the flim/flam and not the man. The man is an illusion.
6. If Obama is an empty suit, they voted for the suit and not the empty.
7. If Obama is “the one”, they voted for a fantasy and not the man.
8. If Obama is one slick glittering package, they voted for the package and not the slick.
9. If Obama is a silver plated turd, they voted for the silver plating and not the turd.
If Obama is not qualified under the US Constitution to be President, then he perjured himself and perpetrated a heinous fraud upon the American people. All those people who voted in good faith for him have been betrayed. The reality is that had MSM been objective in their reporting about Obama and disclosed the question of his eligibility based upon his citizenship, perhaps 66,000,000 would have voted differently. Because Obama, the DNC, MSM, and a few thousand more deliberately covered up the truth, published a forged COLB, chances are very good there is a USURPER about to steal the government and place America in the greatest NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT in her history.
Under no circumstances can Obamabots claim because 66,000,000 who voted for what they thought was a valid candidate these votes represent the will of the people. Again, had the voters known the real facts, the question is would they have voted for him. It cannot be called the will of the people when the people who voted had voted based upon false information.
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