Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Supreme court of the United States Is On Trial

The Supreme Court of the United States is On Trial

Regardless of MSM's reporting of Obama's "president elect" activities of moving into the white house and planning to step into the role of President, the loud silence is shouting America may be facing a usurper and is just a few weeks from a problem that may devastate America.

No matter how long or how well MSM has attempted cover up and obfuscate the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s ineligibility to be President, the reality is not only millions of Americans are aware of the great “cover-up conspiracy”, so is the entire world aware of it. In short “the cat is out of the bag”. There are now FOUR (4) cases petitioning the US Supreme Court. There are also several more cases brought to court on the state level. We The People published two full page ads the first week of December in the Chicago Tribune.

In spite of MSM’s unanimous silence, the information is still coming forward like a huge tide. MSM will reluctantly have to acknowledge the issues if it hopes to retain what little credibility it has left. Those who have already done so have mucked up their reporting with false information, confusion of the facts, and puny predictions that the cases pending before the Supreme courts will be dismissed based upon the odds. It isn’t hard to see between their bias lines they truly don’t want the truth about Obama to come forward. It isn’t hard to conclude MSM has forgotten the importance of the Constitution or the danger America will be facing if a usurper grabs the office of Presidency. MSM seems to be totally indifferent to these vey real facts! It seems that MSM wants the Supreme Court to dismiss these cases. It is as if they have a death like fear of having their neat bubble burst if it should be decided that Obama is not eligible to be President.

This time their predictions the Supreme Court cases will be dismissed because of the past history of the Supreme Courts” history of odds-- of the number of cases petitioned versus the number of cases heard—is hogwash. MSM, along with many extremely ignorant elected officials and equally ignorant Obama worshipers reveal their total lack of respect for laws of our country, integrity of character, and honesty in government. They also reveal a naïveté about major crisis American is facing if a usurper actually becomes President. It should be the primary concern of all citizens of the United States to be certain the man who may take the oath on January 20, 2009 is in fact, truth, and reality eligible under the Constitution of the US to be President. This above any other issue in the world is PRIORITY. Every other issue—economy, terrorism, political party, immigration, war in Iraq, etc.etc.etc. Is secondary to this one most important and VERY SACRED ISSUE.
THE SUPREME COURT HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO DECIDE THESE CASES NO MATTER HOW UNPOPULAR THEY MAY BE WITH THEM. This is precisely the case for which our forefathers created the Supreme Court. This case is of unprecedented historic proportion. Unlike cases that ask decisions on a right to choose or whether or not the word "God" should be in the Pledge of Allegiance, or the Nativity Scene displayed in public places, which will cause no threat to the American way of life if they are post poned or not heard. This question asks to discovery whether or not there is going to be a USURPER attempting to violate the Constitution of the United States. The very real concern of a USURPER stealing the office of presidency is a matter of NATIONA SECURITY. Time is of the essence. The Supreme Court does not have the luxury of dismissing or postponing such a case while American is under the threat of NATIONAL SECURITY.

The real trial is not whether or not Obama is a Usurper. The real trial will be how the Supreme ultimately decides. The whole world already knows there is abundant evidence Obama is a USURPER. If the Supreme Court has the courage to do what is right and declare Obama ineligible to be President and over turn the election, it will have protected every American citizen and retained the respect of the whole world. All will continue will a great peace of mind Our Sacred Constitution has been upheld and American will continue to evolve in the greatness our fore fathers had envisioned. If the nine guardians of our Sacred document some how distort, contort, convolute or in any other method of legal trickery legitimize Obama and declare him qualified to be President for any visible or invisible reasons such as intimidation, bribery, or?, then the whole world will know America is dead. The carcass will be grabbed by any one.

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