Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is "Blago" arrest a Prophecy of Things to come?

Is it always darkest before the dawn? Is the arrest of “Blago” the prophecy of greater disclosures to come? Maybe all this is happening for the highest and best good for America? The sooner Obots wake up about their “Fairy God Father”, the sooner he can be deposed. In my opinion Obama is so amoral he dooesn’t know the difference from right or wrong or truth from a lie. All he knows is to say whaterever is expediant for him at the moment. Then he lets others sort out the messes he creates.

I published this article October 2008 about Obama and his entire gang of liars. I think it is appropriate to publish it again.

A Lie Is a Lie by Any Other Name Is Still A Lie

Let’s put it this way. Any one who says something unpopular about Obama is called a racist. What ever unpopular truthful fact is said about Obama is called a smear. Another words, according to Obama supporter thinking, Obama is above criticism, the law, and fault.

Let’s stop the bull crap. A smear is a distortion of a fact. An honest fact is not a smear. The best defense Obama supporters have against the unpopular facts about Obama is to attack the credibility of the information. Stop being blinded by the Obama camp obfuscations. Telling the truth about Obama and his very large assembly of nefarious America hating friends are not smears. The most patriotic act any America loving person can do is keep sharing honest facts about Obama and exposing his lies. Those brave and wonderful people who have the courage to broadcast the truth about Barry Sotoero are not racists. They are patriots.

If Obama’s past, present or future is a detailed composite of cavorting with Communists, Muslim Terrorists, and Criminals of all kinds, you can be certain he is also one. What a man does in the past is what brought him to the present which will take him to the future. If it walks like a duck, talks, looks like a duck, and hangs with ducks, it is a duck. It is a simple universal law.– Like attracts like.– Yes it is guilt by association. Yes it is guilt by tacit approval. Yes it is guilt by participation. What is so hard to understand? Ask any community gang task force leader or district attorney experienced in processing gang crimes. Ask any criminal profiler.

A bald faced lie is a bald face lie. A lie by any other name is a lie. It makes no difference if only one person said the lie or a thousand people said the lie. A lie is a lie. If Obama lied once, twice, thrice, and then some, he is a liar. A liar will lie again, and again and again and again. If Barry’s supporters repeat Barry’s lies they, too are liars. The lies are still lies. They have successfully created entire nest of conspirators to lie. Therefore, Barry Sotoero and his supporters are a conspiracy of liars. Does America want a blatant proven liar as the commander and chief of United States?

If any reader doubts that Barry Soteoro is a liar, then check out the thousands of web sites that publish in detail over 150 of Barry’s most well known Lies.

To hear insightful discussion about Barack Obama with Dr. Kate go and archive 12-7-2008

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