Saturday, January 17, 2009

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If you want facts main stream media are deliberately hiding about Barack Hussein Obama,
you don't want to miss this broadcast

Sunday night (01-18-09) 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Pacific Standard Time

Topic is:
Only two days of America the Beautiful left!
January 20, 2009 the inauguration of Barry Sotoero as
44th President of the United States
is a farce, a coup de’tat, an installation of a Usurper, and a Traitor in the Whitehouse!

We shall weep together as thugs & thieves steal America by a rigged election they falsely call
“the will of the People”

The whole world, but the American people know that the slickest coup d’etat in history happened. January 20, 2009 begins the rule of oppression.

We are proud and honored to welcome Dr. Kate, our special guest!

Dr. Kate has dedicated many hours of research regarding the rights of the public as protected by the US Constitution and the meaning of “Natural Born Citizen”. Why this was important to our forefathers and America is so relevant today in regards to Obama, who will be installed as a Usurper. We are all very fortunate to able to ask Dr. Kate directly about her profound insights and factual knowledge about redress and remaining choices America has regarding an imposter in the Whitehouse!

Obama still refuses to produce
his birth certificate

Don't miss tonight's program! This may be one of the few opportunities we have to speak our minds before Obama thugs began to silence American forever!

What a great opportunity to call in or write and share and discuss these issues!

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