Monday, June 16, 2008

Deed Restricted Titles are Inferior

Would you give control of your money and legal rights over your life to a stranger? HOA’s literally have their hands in your pockets, and control a major part of your home ownership.

Most of you are living in the greatest investment of your life and sadly, your only protection is a restricted title!
It makes no difference if you think your deed restricted community is better than paradise. It makes no difference how well run it is or much you like controlling your neighbor. It makes no difference if every board member is another Mother Theresa. You still have nothing more than a deed restricted title which is an inferior title. Even if it is pure ecstasy to live in your community, you still need to know the powers HOA Boards have over you, that titleholders live at the mercy of HOA Boards and know your legal rights.

Let me repeat—the greatest investment of most families life time-- their home—is protected by nothing more than a deed restricted title which is inferior to all other titles. Your title has got nothing to do with how nice your community is, how wonderful the board is, or how well your neighbor is controlled. This is reality. The bottom line is, you still have a deed restricted title and the full meaning of deed restrictions and the power it has over your property, life style, and money needs to be fully understood.

The information I am sharing is about what titleholders were never told by their real estate agents. This is what all those disclosures and your real estate agent do not tell you.

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