Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Ultimate Public Betrayal

The Ulitimate Public Betrayal

Has viture, integrity and honesty become history along with the Constitution of the United states?

There used to be good reason laws of incorporation, and bylaws were created. There used to be standards by which people of good character used to do business in an objective and orderly way. They also were used to measure people of good character. That seems to be passe now a days. Most people simply don't bother to learn about the laws of incorporation, ethics, morality, associations. They simply ignore them, misinterpret or convolute them for their own personal agenda. The only thing people seemed concerned over is what is in it for them. That is quite a healthy attitude if what they choose is for their own highest and best good. Sadly, people are so lost in their greed, they have lost the ability to know the difference as to what is for their highest and best good and what is not.

That is why, a lot of people are going to vote for a lot of bad people who will ultimately be counter productive to the success of the eventual Menifee Valley city and they will follow their own personal agenda. Some people don't seem to care whether or not a candidate is a liar, cheat, crook, bully, theif, or any other undesirable character who will serve on City Council, Most of the members of the "gold old boy's club of Menifee Valley" find liars and cheats perfectly acceptable. Those people will be the first to get hurt and pay for their reclacitrance. If people of dubious character with a tract record of underhanded actions harmful to innocent others are standing before the public claiming to be worthy of public leadership and asking for public vote, they should be exposed for the silver plated turds, they are. It is the duty of every person who has first hand knowledge of these scoundrels to share their information with the rest of the community so that no more innocent people get hurt! I for one will hoop and holler and shout about the the facts of whomever I have first hand knowledge of wrong doing. I am a voice in the wilderness of ignorance shouting reality to a deaf community.

You must not forgive, look the other way, deny or in any other manner, people who are running for office who have a past proven track record of self serving interest, lying, or doing wrong to others in any way shape of form. For if you do, you will become a coconspirator in your own tyranny. This community will pay a high price in the form of a corrupt city government making the lives of every one in this community a living nightmare!

Help protect this community from the ultimate public betrayal by silver plated turds

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